art events participated in by Calgary based fine artist Sharon Lynn Williams

1 Calyx Invite Front - EMAIL - FALL 2018.jpeg
2 Calyx Invite Back - EMAIL - FALL 2018 .jpeg

I am so very happy to participate in this fall’s Calyx show -it will be my 33rd show!! PLEASE NOTE: I will be there ONLY on Saturday October 21. I love how Carol and Kellee of Calyx set up this magnificent show of fine art and fine craft. If you haven’t been before, you OWE it to yourself to indulge in all the gorgeousness that is Calyx.

While I am happy about Calyx, I am very sad to announce that Jan Armstrong, the force behind Just Imajan Gallery in Cochrane, has decided to close up the gallery in order to pursue more of her own painting career. As a send off, many of her artists have agreed to allow all of their works in the gallery to be sold at a special 20% off. My work is included in that sale, The gallery closes Oct 24th, so I hope that you can pop in before that. I will really miss having Janet represent me, and will now be on the hunt for a new gallery. Stay tuned!