Fall 2017

Shoreline Patterns ii.jpg

Cozy Up To Fall!

I just love this time of year. Although the fall is very busy with art shows and events, all is quiet by the end of October and I look forward to the long winter season to hibernate in my studio. I have been working on new bodies of work over the last year that I am really excited about.

I have not done as many plein air paintings this past summer as usual, but I did have an excellent trip to Lake O'Hara to paint the golden larches, as well as a plein air trip earlier in the month to paint the vineyards of the Osoyoos area -new terrain for me. One day it was so windy that we sought shelter between the rows of merlot grapes which were awaiting harvest. Another first was wine tasting at the plenteous vineyards in the valley, which was a nice treat after a hard day painting!

The new work I am exploring involves my return to semi-abstraction, both with the landscape, and with the figure. This is something that I was ensconced in when the plein air bug hit 7 years ago, and it has been simmering in my mind ever since. I find that the visual richness I experience while painting on the landscape has really informed my new work, as I understand the natural forms so much better after being so intimate with them for that many years. I have absolutely loved the plein air experience, but find it nearly impossible to abstract when presented with the gorgeous reality of changing light, smells, breezes and colour of the real thing. I feel that I have been able to capture my personal response to the land, and have indeed honed my own plein air 'style' if you will. However, I long for a more contemporary, creative expression that is not beholden to what is actually in my field of vision, but rather mixes with my inner drive to create works that capture the essence of the scene, while mixing them with free flowing strokes and shapes of glowing impressionistic colour. 

After attending live figure drawing sessions all last year, often a couple of times a week, I feel that I am ready to also tackle abstracting the figure. Again my desire is to let the work still speak of its subject, but in a less 'true to reality' manner. Gestures are exaggerated to create weight and movement and colour moves beyond traditional flesh colours. It is great fun and brings me much joy, along with the challenge of finding my own voice and ways of working. Its all about the journey!


Shoreline Patterns.jpg

"Shoreline Patterns"
 20x24" acrylic mixed media on panel

Winter Marsh.jpg

"Winter Marsh"
20x24" acrylic on canvas

Stripped Slippers.jpg

"Stripped Slippers"
22x30" acrylic mixed media

Red Tank_.jpg

"Red Tank"
22x28" acrylic mixed media

The Judge's View.jpg

"The Judges' View"
12x12" plein air oil

Marilyn's Garden.jpg

"Marilyn's Garden"
12x12" plein air oil

The painting at the top of this newsletter is "Shoreline Patterns ii", 24x30" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.


I won't be doing any teaching until the new year as I just want to focus on my own work at this time. I will send out another email around Christmas with what is in store for the new year, some of which is in the works as I speak.


I am thrilled to be participating once again in the fall Calyx Distinctive Arts show. This year I will be ONLY on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22nd , from 10-4pm. All of my work in this show is my new, so I hope you will come out and let me know what you think!  If you haven't attended this show before, it is a MUST SEE, with fine art and fine crafts and different artists each day, it is an extravaganza of beauty!

Calyx Invite Front EMAIL.jpeg

I will also be participating in the FCA's Art Harvest show at the Edgemont Community Hall. I hope to have 4 of my new abstracted landscapes in the show.

FCA - invite Oct 21, 2017.JPG

I am happy to support the High River Rotarians as they raise money for important initiatives in that town. The 'I Love Art' fundraiser is also a wonderful display of local art, and a great opportunity to make your art dollar really count.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.45.14 PM.png

And lastly, I will have 15 of my unframed paintings available at the 'Christmas In The Country' sale at the Leighton Art Centre on Nov 4 & 5 and 11 & 12th.  Over a thousand pieces of fine craft and unframed artworks by local artists line the historic Leighton Home this Christmas. Beautiful decorations and festive treats will make you feel at home. Discover over 100 artists and find a special gift for your loved ones at this annual art sale. Hope to see you there!!


As well, my work can always be seen at the following galleries: 
Just Imajan Gallery, Cochrane
Evanescence Gallery, High River
Palliser Art & Framing, Calgary
Leighton Art Centre, outside Calgary
Centre d'Arts Visuels, Edmonton

I hope that you will enjoy this beautiful fall weather before the snow hits, and take in an art show or workshop to inspire your own creativity!