Spring 2018 Newsletter

Voiter's Winter Colour.jpg

Will Spring Ever Come??


That is the question on the minds of all Calgarians this year. Now, I am sure it will happen...some day. But in the meantime, painting in my studio continues to be an absolute pleasure. I have developed a whole new body of work that is about to be unveiled!

I only got out for one day of plein air painting this winter, primarily because I have been exploring acrylic work in my studio -large semi-abstract work based on my plein air experiences. One of the new paintings is shown above -"Voiter's Winter Colour", 24x24" acrylic on canvas.

I have also returned to downhill skiing with my hubby, which pleases him greatly. The old legs are getting into shape gradually, but recovery time is longer than it ever has been in the past. So it goes.

This fall and winter I had the pleasure of attending a couple of excellent art workshops, which has stirred my artist's soul and is the motivator for this new body of work. As a bonafide lifelong learner, I enjoy the challenge new techniques, painting methods and artistic visions bring, as well as the camaraderie of painting with other artists. They spur me on to be the most creative artist I can be, always testing my notions of why I paint, how to best express my artistry and what my paintings might become in the future. I am glad you are along for the ride!

I have several spring shows coming up that I want to share with you, as well as some teaching, which you might be interested in. 


I have a few workshops coming up at the Leighton Art Centre. On May 5 I will be teaching "Diving Into Colour Theory" from 9:30-4:30pm. For more info and to register click here. Understanding how to mix colours to get what the ones you really want to use is an essential part of painting. This workshop will be great for the new artist as well as a good refresher for the more experienced. 

Also at the Leighton are 2 encaustic workshops; a brand new one for the family (here) and another intensive weekend workshop (here). 

I have just begun teaching acrylic painting for the Brushstrokes art group that meets at the Trico Centre. They are a wonderful group of young seniors, and I am finding them refreshing and eager to learn. This return to regular classes is wonderful after so many years of only teaching workshops, and reminds me of why I love to share my passion for art.


I am thrilled to be participating once again in the spring Calyx Distinctive Arts show. This year I will be ONLY on Saturday April 21 , from 10-4pm with more than 30 of my latest creations. If you haven't attended this show before, it is a MUST SEE, with fine art and fine crafts and different artists each day, it is an extravaganza of beauty!

I will be in Calyx on April 21, 2018 ONLY

I will be in Calyx on April 21, 2018 ONLY

I was thrilled to have not one, but TWO of my paintings selected for the upcoming Leighton Art Centre's Juried Members show. "Gentle Reflectiions" shown above is one of the paintings selected. The opening is on April 21, which I won't be able to be at as it conflicts with my day at Calyx. But the show will remain on view until June 3rd. If you haven't been to the Leighton Centre, you definitely owe yourself a trip to this exquisite site and hub of artistic energy, just outside of Calgary! 

Leighton Juried members show.jpg

I am saddened to say that Evanescence Gallery in High River has closed its doors. I wish Arlene great success in her future endeavours.
 My work can always be seen at the following galleries: 
Just Imajan Gallery, Cochrane
Palliser Art & Framing, Calgary
Leighton Art Centre, outside Calgary

I hope that by the time you receive this, you will be enjoying some beautiful spring weather, and hope that you will take in an art show or workshop to inspire your own creativity!