Newsletter March 10, 2015

"Snow Gently Falling", 8x8' encaustic

"Snow Gently Falling", 8x8' encaustic

What Happened to Winter?

I don't know the answer to that, but I kind of wish it wasn't that way. Now before you decide to stone me, let me explain. I look forward to long cold days to force me into the studio to get a bunch of work done, because it is often too cold to go outside painting. On the mild sunny days I love to go 'car painting' (plein air from the comfort of my car) as the colour and contrast of the warm sunny landscape and the beautiful snow with ultramarine shadows makes my heart pump. But I have only been able to do that once this winter. We have had plenty of gorgeous days, but without the contrast of the snow, it is just...shades of brown.

As a result, I have been cloistered in my studio, getting my warmth from sweet honey smelling wax. The painting above, "Snow Gently Falling" (8x8" encaustic) is one such experiment. Encaustic is a tempermental medium that resists being tamed; working with molten colour is a balance of give and take. To be able to  work transparently (trees), translucently (water and sky) and opaquely (snow) is a delight, and the wax is so luminous, it just glows. Don't like an area? Just warm it up and scrape it off, or just cover it completey (but beware, it may just reassert itself later on just to remind you of its presence). All of my previous experience in other mediums is useful here, making encaustic a perfect medium for me. You get the flow of watercolour, the opacity and richness of colour of oil, the quick drying of acrylics and the challenge of working from chaos from my mixed media work. That also gets my creative juices flowing!

Just to remind you, my work can be found at Just Imajan Gallery in Cochrane, Fallen Leaf Gallery in Canmore, CAVA Gallery in Edmonton, Evanescence Gallery in High River, and the Leighton Art Centre just outside of Calgary. I will be participating in the upcoming Federation of Canadian Artists show at the Edgemont Community Centre (33 Edgevalley Circle NW) from 10-4pm on Saturday March 14, where I will have some of my new larger scale encaustics as well as some oil paintings. I have just heard from the Calgary Stampede that they have once again accepted me into the Stampede Art Gallery in July. I hope to be selected to show in this spring's Calyx show -I will send out invitations if it does come to pass.

And this just hot off the press! I have been invited to participate in this Thursdays' edition of
AHA Blog Talk Radio (Artists Helping Artists). Brenda Pinnick, the friend I met on my last painting trip to France, and I went off on a wild adventure after our time at Dreama Tolle Perry's workshop last spring. We will be sharing the adventure complete with the joys and challenges of travelling in a foreign country with little idea of where we were going or how to get there, not to mention driving a stick shift on hilly roads with one eye on the gps. Just click on the link to listen to the broadcast, which will be archived so you can listen to all the great shows any time you like. Enjoy!


Mixed Media Collage Workshop

Friday April 10-Sunday April 12, 2015

A.J. Ottewell Centre, Sherwood Park

Pen, Ink & Watercolour Quick Sketching Workshop

Saturday June 13, 2015

Leighton Art Centre