Student Reviews

student reviews of instruction by Calgary based fine artist Sharon Lynn Williams

Sharon Lynn Williams has been painting for over 30 years and has been teaching art to adults for over 20 years. She is an award winning signature member of provincial, national and international art societies. A generous and compassionate teacher with a huge knowledge base to draw from makes for a much in demand instructor. Sharon is fluent in almost all media. Here’s what some of her students had to say about her teaching style:

After The Snow-Lake OHara.jpg
I think you are an exceptional person. You have SO much talent! Your paintings cover so many styles, have fabulous technique and real presence. In terms of teaching, as I’ve said before, most people don’t know how much skill it takes to be a teacher (adults are harder than children in many ways!), and how much planning and energy it takes every time. You pour yourself out for us, constantly!
— Sally
Thanks so much Sharon. I learned so much and feel like I have made a breakthrough. You are such an incredible artist and teacher.
— Carol
Sharon was organized and came prepared every day to impart her knowledge to a very diverse group of artists. She created a high degree of interest which she maintained throughout the four days. Sharon gave 100% of herself to the class. I have had only positive comments from the group and would be very happy to have her come again.
— Saanich Peninsular Arts Workshop Coordinator
Thanks so much for a great weekend workshop. Weather or not, Ken & I came away feeling energized and invigorated and READY TO PAINT — and get outside again for plein air, it’s such fun. You are so inspiring, always ready with a positive comment or helpful tip. It’s always such a pleasure to spend some time with you.
— Holly & Ken
You taught me a lot of things Sharon, among the most important was to accept constructive criticism. Assigning homework, and critiquing the results allows you to gauge where each student is. Their response to critique gives you more information about how to help them [or not]. THAT is why I’ve learned so much under your tutelage. I’ve taken several other classes and no other teacher has bothered to take those risks consistently, thus I haven’t learned how they think and, consequently, how I should approach critiquing my own work. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
— Cheryl
The Colours Of Winter.jpg
I find you present a good balance between demos, critiques and painting time. Your instruction is second to none and when asked ‘how?’ you can actually answer the question within your vast knowlege of how to paint.
— Heather