Painting workshops taught by Calgary based fine artist Sharon Lynn Williams




I have been holding monthly critique classes in my home for the last 6 years. This involves a group of 4-7 artists bringing several pieces of artwork to each meeting. I can say it no better than one of my long time students did:

“For many years, I have been taking art lessons from Sharon, and when she ceased to give formal classes, I have attended many of her critiques. These I enthusiastically recommend. In my mind, the word 'critique' does not express Sharon's approach: rather, she guides each artist on an exploration of his/her own painting, seeking the artist's goal for the piece, commenting on what works well, and offering suggestions for improvement. Each individual critique is tailored to the ability level of each artist, so both novices and the more advanced benefit. What I think is also valuable is that several artists' works will be critiqued in each session, offering a chance to learn from a variety of work. I end by noting that Sharon honestly comments on each work, noting strengths and weaknesses, but her approach is gentle: I have left each of her critiques feeling that I have gained valuable insights and suggestions for improvement, but always in a supportive and kind manner. I  will iterate: I recommend Sharon's critiques without reservation.”

PD, Calgary

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This is a photograph of a plate of salad -the centre section is painted! Learn how to match colour this well.

This is a photograph of a plate of salad -the centre section is painted! Learn how to match colour this well.


Colour Mixing For Every Medium

Leighton Art Centre

Saturday, July 13, 2019


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The Illustrated Trek: A Traveller’s Journal of Watercolour and Ink Quick Sketching

Leighton Art Centre

June 15, 2019 from 10-4:30pm

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Sherwood Park, Alberta

September 21-22, 2019, 10-4 each day

We will be studying how to handle edges in a quick drying medium, the use of transparent and opaque paint as another contrast available to acrylic painters, and how to use the brush as a tool in different ways to vary mark making.

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