art events participated in by Calgary based fine artist Sharon Lynn Williams


Free To Be Me!

Framed on Fifth Gallery April 2-27, 2019

Isn’t that a crazy name for my 7th solo show?. I have been searching for its name for a while, but today it hit me! I have been making all this new work for my show, but rather than a cohesive whole where all the paintings resemble each other, the body of work seemed to separate itself into 3 varying degrees of abstraction: From extremely abstracted to much more representational, yet never going all the way to non-objective or realism. All the work is about the landscape that I love and live in, but just like the weather changes, so does my mood and desire. I have long resisted being pigeonholed into only one style, believing it to be the doom of a creative soul. I have fretted about it, threatened to tear up all my work and rip out all my hair, but I am coming to understand that this is who I have been created to be; fashioned unlike any other; meant to shine with my own Light. So I present to you my efforts and hope that you feel the joy and pleasure I feel when I am lost in my own little world in my studio. Welcome in my friend.

1 Calyx Invite Front 6 x 4 - SPR 2019 FLAT.jpeg
2 Calyx Invite Back 6 x 4 - SPR 2019 FLAT.jpeg

I am so very happy to participate in this spring’s Calyx show -it will be my 34rd show with them!! PLEASE NOTE: I will be there ONLY on Saturday April 27. I love how Carol and Kellee of Calyx set up this magnificent show of fine art and fine craft. If you haven’t been before, you OWE it to yourself to indulge in all the gorgeousness that is Calyx.